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By Lisa Zeune

This thesis analyses how supersymmetric (SUSY) extensions of the traditional version (SM) of particle physics will be restricted utilizing details from Higgs physics, electroweak precision observables and direct searches for brand new debris. Direct searches for SUSY debris on the LHC haven't led to any sign to this point, and bounds at the SUSY parameter house were set. Measurements of the houses of the saw Higgs boson at one hundred twenty five GeV in addition to of the W boson mass supplies invaluable oblique constraints, supplementing those from direct searches. distinct calculations are played for Higgs decays and electroweak precision observables in the minimum supersymmetric extension of the traditional version and the following to-minimal supersymmetric extension of the normal version. moreover, a mode is gifted to reinterpret the LHC limits from direct SUSY searches in additional reasonable SUSY situations. The phenomenological outcomes of these effects are completely analysed.

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