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By Alisha Gaines

In 1948, journalist Ray Sprigle traded his whiteness to stay as a black guy for 4 weeks. a bit over a decade later, John Howard Griffin famously "became" black in addition, touring the yank South looking for a undeniable type of racial figuring out. modern historical past is plagued by the strangely advanced tales of white humans passing as black, and the following Alisha Gaines constructs a special family tree of "empathetic racial impersonation--white liberals jogging within the fable of black dermis below the alibi of cross-racial empathy. on the finish in their experiments in "blackness," Gaines argues, those debatably well-meaning white impersonators arrived at little greater than fake attention.

Complicating the histories of black-to-white passing and blackface minstrelsy, Gaines makes use of an interdisciplinary strategy rooted in literary reviews, race concept, and cultural stories to bare those occasionally maddening, and sometimes absurd, experiments of racial impersonation. via reading this heritage of recent racial impersonation, Gaines exhibits that there has been, and nonetheless is, a defective cultural good judgment that locations huge, immense religion within the concept that empathy is all that white american citizens have the desire to make an important distinction in the way to racially navigate our society.

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